BCF students spend Spring Break on mission


PROVO, UTAH – For Spring Break 2021, 14 Baptist College of Florida (BCF) students joined Campus Minister Lance Beauchamp to help a North American Mission Board (NAMB) church plant, Mosaic Church, in Provo, Utah.

As a part of NAMB’s Gen Send Spring Break initiative, the team of 15 from BCF joined a group of 13 college students from Jonesboro, Arkansas in being trained in evangelism under the leadership of Church Planter Ben Neiser. Neiser pointed out that Utah County is 0.5% reached, using the same standards that the International Mission Board (IMB) uses to assess people groups internationally. This means that half a percent of those in the county have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. While they have access to the gospel, this unreached statistic puts them on the same level as people groups in the 10/40 window.

The two groups went door to door, canvassing the Maeser neighborhood in Provo, sharing the gospel and inviting residents to the Mosaic Church Easter Service. Additionally, the student teams prayer walked through the local college campus and engaged college students just like themselves with the gospel.

“As is often the case with short term mission trips, not only did God use the team to help the local church plant and share the gospel, but God also worked in the hearts of the team members,” stated Beauchamp.

“Utah was like gazing at a reflection in moving water. The reflection appears so similar that you start to question why you looked in the first place, but the longer you look the more prominent the ripples become. We aren't the same. Utah was an eye-opening experience. It opened my eyes to how easily influenced we as people can be, especially when our inner desires are the bait,” said BCF Student Savannah Graff. “Overall, the Lord had blessed me tremendously with this unique ministry opportunity and it opened my eyes to the presence of a false gospel that continues to spread in the world today,” stated BCF Student Kevin Honeycutt. “Not only must believers continue to spread the Gospel throughout Utah, but it must be spread among all places and people, for the growth and glory of the eternal kingdom of God.”

Beauchamp pointed out that “to share the gospel with people with other beliefs and traditions and cultures is not that different from sharing the gospel to that lost person on the corner in Graceville. Groups derive much of their faith from a cultural perspective and when all is said and done, it is a distorted perspective of the gospel: ‘We’re all Christians because we are all good people and love Jesus.’ Sadly, many people believe they are right with God on the basis of their works and really don’t know the Bible or the true gospel message. This similarity makes a mission experience like this one easily transferrable after we return home to Graceville.”

According to Beauchamp, BCF Senior Caleb Mcvay, who has worked during the summer with missionaries serving in Utah, approached Beauchamp early in the fall semester to consider taking a spring break team to work in Utah. “This trip is a result of one student’s heart for the people of Utah and his passion to get other students to share that passion,” Beauchamp said.

The BCF team also had a chance to explore a waterfall hike, the popular ski resort town of Park City, and tour Temple Square in Salt Lake City. As a result of the trip, not only are there many households in Utah who have been engaged with the gospel but many in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia will also be engaged because of the reminder to the team of the importance of sharing a clear gospel message wherever God has placed them.


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