Let's Talk part 3


Apostle Woods spends much time in prayer and communion with God, studying His Word to understand the character of God.  He often asks God for wisdom, which He generously gives unto him.  Thus, he was asked to share his insight into the nature of God. To share how God might see His people in the pandemonium that surrounds us today.   He answered, “God probably has mixed emotions. On the one hand, God is very grateful for the awakening of those that had been sleeping; those that have been lazy, slothful, distracted; and He is very glad that they now have come alive, and are active, and are praying like never before, and they are now putting their hands in it”. He goes on to say, “I believe He is very proud of us as His children regarding that”. He also thinks that on the other side of that, “God is heartbroken”.  Apostle Woods really did not like to use the work heartbroken, but went on to say, “God is very disturbed over the blindness and deafness of many people's hearts.  Many people may say His name, but their hearts are cold. God is distraught with those who may read his Bible, but their hearts are still cold; those who may call Him the universal God, but they are still prejudice, and there is still hate. People still have hate, in their hearts.  Yet, what the devil means for evil, God can always turn it around for our good. 

He further states, while recalling personal experiences that he compared it in somewhat to Hurricane Michael, and recalled how, it brought his circle together. Specifically, he spoke remembering “even though this pandemic may be difficult, it has done a lot of amazing things in transforming the lives or people. Before the Hurricane, neighbors who have lived in my cul de sac for years,  would hardly speak to me, but after Hurricane Michael, me and my neighbors are able to speak and even today, able to stand out in the circle, and have full conversations with one another.  This is an indication how evil can be turned to good, and how walls are being torn down. A lot of times in certain crisis, or even this pandemic, these are the things that the Lord is grieved about.  Some people are just not taking it seriously enough.  From the standpoint of a pandemic, and in our community here in the Panhandle there are still people, there are still churches, there are still pastors, there still neighbors, there are still rich and poor people, there are people from all walks of life, black, white and whoever that are not understanding that the Bible is true, and this pandemic and every pandemic  like it, is leading us to a climax for which they need to be preparing  themselves for, rather then trying to figure out how to either ride it out, or go back to doing what they were doing before, or try  to see how  to get some kind of benefits from it.  We must really understand the signs of the times, and build our communities, to be that community where, 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' resonates in our lives”.

He further comments, “spiritually, what is happening in the world, is that people’s real hearts are being manifested. Some will not change because that is not what they want, and some will change because deep down in their heart they have a love and a respect for a Holy God.  I believe the line is being drawn spiritually and people are revealing who they really are, and who they have been all the time, and people on the Lord side are revealing who they are, and who they have been all the time and the gray area, that is what's going away”.  

While relishing in the wisdom, I asked Apostle Woods, his thoughts as to how we arrived at this season of current events we are living in, regarding race, health, economy and government. He replies, “Race of course is the people; and what I see as to how we have arrived here is people have a class mentality.  We also arrived here by people who are, the privileged.  Some people call it white privilege, and this may be shocking, but I really don’t have a problem with white privilege. For instance, if my ancestors came to a land and we are in charge, we stole, we killed the people who were here before we arrived, we brought labor from somewhere else; because people in charge need someone to rule over, that’s white privilege. And even though they came from England, Poland, Ireland, Scotland and all of these different places, still, white people were in charge and I don’t blame them for that, but, what I do blame them for,  is not being honest. If am in charge, then I will make sure that all of my people, have good healthcare, I make sure that they have all the top jobs, I can make that decision, it is my business, it is my country, it is my state, it is my city , and in a way I feel like I own  it, but my concerns with that, is that same lack of honesty and care, moves from the race, to health, to the economy, and finally we have people in government, who are all about keeping themselves in charge. Here is the lie though; you said, it was the land for the free and the brave.  You said, that this country was a country where everybody could come; and, since everybody other than the Native American Indian, the people of color who was here prior too, when it was called Turtle Island, before it was changed to the United States of America; everybody came from somewhere”. 

Further, Apostle Woods says, “Wonderful, but the founding fathers believed in slavery, so it wasn't the truth, it was a lie from the start.  It is very difficult sometimes to admit that your great grandfather was a deceiver and a liar, especially when his deception has made you the top, the leader, and the heads of the country; people are not willing to give that up, and most children who are selfish, do not like to share.  Are you understanding what I am saying; that is an affair of the heart, that is one individual personality expounded upon through thousand’s. As you look at the deception, we are trillions of dollars in debt, and yet they printed money to give everybody a stimulus check. They just added to the indebtedness, they have a mentality and in my study of economics, I understand, that debit is not a bad thing, it is tax free money. Most wealthy people don’t see debt. They don't see debt like many of us poor people who are trying to get out of debt, they see debt as a mechanism of tax free money to move things, and gain things, pay it off, borrow again to gain the next hotel, to gain the next resort, the next company, and the lending institutions love it, because that is part of capitalism”.

“So, in answer to that question, that is how we arrived here. The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and their children's teeth are set on edge (Jeremiah 32:29).  And now, this generation between the age of 18 and 30 are saying, we are not going to take it. Globally, they are saying, we're not taking it anymore, enough is enough and we matter. And the older generation are saying, but I have been here, I created this, but they come back and say, but the First Amendment Rights say I have, and now you have an attack on that First Amendment Right, and we have, government that says we can supersede all human rights. This is happening all over the world and in different phases”.

This article originally appeared on Washington County News: Let's Talk part 3


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