As a member of Yes Lord, I have heard you say we are barrier breakers and line crossers, what does that mean? “It is places, where people of color and people in the Kingdom have not been allowed to get into. One of the examples of this is when Lee dell Kennedy became Mayor of Chipley, Florida, and then ultimately Sister Tracy Andrews became the Mayor.  That was a barrier breaker. How did Lee dell Kennedy become mayor?  He did because he finished somebody’s term, but then Mayor Andrews, was voted in, that is what is meant by barrier breaker. How do you become the Mayor, being black, over one of the most racist cities in Northwest Florida?  That’s a barrier breaker.

The Kingdom of Satan could not prevail against the Kingdom of God. Prayers of the righteous availeth much.  Line crosser are areas where they told us we don’t belong. In education they said, you can’t have, if it was wealth you can’t experience, or peace and joy you cannot have.  Every time we cross that line, we go into places where people have set boundaries, promotions they told us we can’t have, but God gave it to us even if He had to kill somebody to do so.  Barrier breakers, and line crossers that is who we are. That is Kingdom impact. Here is a word that solidifies barrier breakers and line crossers, and that word is infiltrate. That is like yeast in dough, which ultimately takes over.

There are instances where it is not blatant racism, but there is a term called micro aggression; an undertow of disparity as seen through nepotism, the good ol’ buddy boy, socioeconomically, or even societal class systems, which often time occur when we don't have a voice in an organization or in the community.  How does this system of racism need to be handled, and how do we become the change we want to see? “I believe it needs to be handled first by establishing advocacy for the people,  and one of the ways we are doing that is by developing a ministerial alliance. Usually these things, are dealt with by alliances. Ministerial alliances show unity in the black community because of the unity in pastoral leadership.

That alone is going to strike a different look, when they look at the pastoral leadership, or things they may be able to accomplish in Washington County, because the spiritual leadership is together, that automatically changes the big elephant in the room in some cases, and it automatically changes the impression. The other way is, if you notice in the  communication among field workers, they always develop an organization that looks out for the worker, which is called a union, and that union oversees how things should be affected and how things should be handled. When there is a union, and if the owner of the organization does not handle their employees correctly, they have somebody they need to answer too.  Unfortunately, you don’t hear much about unions anymore because they are trying to discredit them, and because of a union presence in an organization, micro aggression is automatically stifled.

The person already knows that they have a defender. It’s almost like going to court without a lawyer and the person you are going against has a lawyer, and if you go to court without a lawyer you are at the mercy of everyone in the room, whether it is those that have a voice, or those they look in disdain, or they look a certain way that sways the mind of the Judge, that makes him think have I missed something, but if you have a lawyer speaking for you, it doesn’t matter what anyone says. So many people in that arena do not have anyone speaking for them. We need that unity and that ministerial alliance, which will satisfy that on many different levels because now there will be one voice. How do we become the change we want to see, well the only way is, become the change we want to see, and demand that change in our sphere of influence.

I don’t want to change just to bless my house, my family, I want God to use me to bless everybody that He has charged me to bless, or to change whatever He has charged me to change.  I become the change that I want to see, when I become the change, I want to see. The human conscious is the reality of what’s in this room, the subconscious of the human person is the heart, it neither sees good nor evil, it accepts whatever you choose.  If you choose you are well, your subconscious will say all is well, if you choose there is a problem, your subconscious will say there is a problem, however, your conscious doesn’t really attract things to you, your subconscious does, your heart does, your heart is going to attract what you decide you want, and who you are.

This article originally appeared on Washington County News: RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE: PART 4


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