In Psalm.89:14 it talks about justice and righteousness.  One defends the people, and does what is right by everyone.  The other restrains violent acts, restrains the rebels and racists, and keeps others from being assaulted, abused and mistreated.  Ideally, if the Kingdom of God rules over all, then no one can be unjustly dealt with under His Kingdom rule and dominion.  In answer to trying to understand, where has the rule of righteousness and justice gone, and how do we get it back?

Apostle Woods candidly states that “There is no righteousness and justice in this World.  The world is ruled by Satan. He is the prince of the air, and ruler of this world. That is the first reality. The second reality is that God has given mankind free will, that freewill gives us the ability to choose, invent, imagine, and all of that.  The third reality is that because Satan is the God of this world, men can choose Satan, and that right can’t be taken away from them. Just as men can choose God. There is certain aspects in government, in the judicial system, that if righteousness ruled in the Judge, in the State Attorney, then he would see every case that has the same components, as the same crime, and the same punishment, and if he or she, has chosen Christ, and the Word of God rules in the heart, they would not look at the person that is guilty or not guilty, done the crime or not, they would look at the rule, or as Jesus would say he would have a balanced scale, and the punishment ought to fit the crime. 

The bible does say the law is for the lawless, and we have no need of law because we obey in heart by the Spirit.  If you put a law there or not, we are created in Christ Jesus unto good works, we don’t need a law to tell us not to defraud, there is no defraud in us, however, when Christ is not in us, the law is for those who have not the Spirit of Christ in them, and who is capable of doing anything; so when that person goes out and breaks the law, the second line of defense is the Judge, the State Attorney, or the lawyer, who is not trying to build his success on the criminal justice system, but, is trying to please a God internally, so he looks at every case, not the individual, and the facts of the case, so if this man rapes a women he gets 23 years, and this man rapes a women he ought to get 23 years too, because  there is a balance scale. In the Kingdom of God, the impact that God would have is not there, nor will it ever be unless the people that are involved in the world, in these office have allowed the Kingdom of God to dwell within them to where now the Kingdom of God is sitting in in the Judge’s seat, the Kingdom of God is sitting in the attorney post, the Kingdom of God is sitting in the State Attorney place,  so now his is judging his office, using his power and influence righteously, however, if that does not happen, God cannot affect, because Adam gave that up when he followed the leadership of Satan, and now Satan is the God of this world”.

This article originally appeared on Washington County News: RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE:PART 1


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